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The Disappearance of Amber Guiboche, Missing from Manitoba since 2010

20 year old Amber disappeared from Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 10th, 2010. She was last seen getting into an older, possibly Chevrolet, red truck near William Avenue and Isabel Street at about 11:45 pm that night. Her friends reported that she was drunk and had intended to hail a cab to get home, but instead got in the red truck in an alley behind William Avenue with an unknown driver. According to authorities Amber lead a “high-risk lifestyle”, especially in her teens when she ran away many times. Her family contends that this behavior stopped for the most part once she reached adulthood.

Winnipeg Police have appealed to the public for help in identifying a suspect in her disappearance. The man is described as around 30 years old with reddish hair and hairy arms. He may wear prescription glasses and a camouflage baseball cap.

Amber’s family has told the press that they feel Winnipeg Police blew Amber’s disappearance off. They told the family that it was possible she had just run away again, or was out partying. Amber’s father passed away in 2014 from a massive heart attack. Her mother was already deceased as she committed suicide in 1999. Amber’s siblings are desperate to find her but have given up on the investigation.

DOB: 11/05/1990
Description: Amber was 5’4 and 108 pounds at the time of her disappearance.She has brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears her hair long, has a slim build, and a light complexion. Some agencies write Amber’s middle name as Rosemarie.

Tribal Information: Amber is a member of the Sapotaweyak Cree First Nation of central Manitoba.

Source: http://www.justicefornativewomen.com/2016/04/amber-guiboche-missing-from-manitoba.html

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