US News: Quinton Simon’s Mother Allegedly Beat Toddler to Death with ‘Object’ After Using Drugs: Prosecutors

Quinton Simon’s mother allegedly beat the 20-month-old Georgia boy to death with an “object” in early October while high on a controlled substance, prosecutors say.

A 19-count indictment charges 22-year-old Leilani Simon with three counts of murder, as well as making false statements, concealing a death and other counts.

The indictment, which was posted online by WSAV, alleges that on Oct. 5, Simon used an undetermined object to severely beat Quinton, causing “serious bodily injury” and ultimately causing the child’s death.

The indictment alleges this “malicious” assault caused Quinton “cruel and excessive physical pain” before his death.

Simon then allegedly “discarded” her son’s remains in a dumpster at the Azalea Mobile Home Plaza, about two miles from her house. Simon allegedly lied to police about the purpose of the trip, telling them she went to the mobile home park to obtain the topical pain reliever Orajel from her friend Misty, per the indictment.

Simon had actually met up with her drug dealer on the day before Quinton’s death, the indictment alleges, and was purportedly still high on a controlled substance at the time of Quinton’s killing. The document also alleges that Simon lied to investigators by saying she’d only used marijuana in the previous 24 hours.


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