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London, Ontario : Help sought to find girls missing for three years

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is asking Londoners to be on the look out for two girls allegedly taken by their mother from the Bahamas three years ago. London police are also on the case.

“We are worried about these little girls,” said London police constable Bob Hogan.

The Centre alleges Dazelle Johnson (nee Gray) abducted her daughters five-year-old Milan and nine-year-old Asja and their two older brothers in violation of the terms of a custody agreement.

The boys eventually left by their mother with a stranger in London, according to the Centre’s Director, Christy Dzikowicz. The boys have been reunited with their father but the girls are still missing.

“I think a lot of times the public thinks, well they’re with their mom. It’s not that bad and our experience is it typically is that bad, ” Dzikowicz said.  “Average folks think there must be a reason for the mother to take her children. We understand that but we also understand these decisions are rarely made in the best interest of children.”

London police promised to keep working on the case until the girls are found.

Dzikowicz said it’s very challenging to resolve these types of cases.

“People really hesitate to get involved and when it comes to the safety and well being of kids we can’t continue to mind our own business,” she said.

There are several ways to reporting any information about the children.

  • on-line at MissingKids.ca
  • London Police at 519-667-5670
  • 1-866-KID-TIPS (543-8477)

“Don’t assume the police know anything,” said Dzikowicz. “If someone has information from a year ago, a place that mom may have gone two years ago, that’s all important information. You never know what the missing piece of a puzzle might be.”


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