Another private search for Luke Joly-Durocher brings controversy

A group of private investigators is looking to conduct a search in the North Bay area for Luke Joly-Durocher.

Brett Robinson, Director of Central Canada Investigations for Please Bring Me Home, said layering evidence together has identified a number of spots to search.

“So we are coming and we will come and group them together and do a number of those spots in North Bay as well as at least another two locations outside of North Bay. We are going to try to do it all within a three or four-hour period but you never really know how long it is going to take because you go to a location and then the dogs take over,” he explained.

The organization, which has done close to 40 investigations in Ontario alone, has started a GoFundme page to help pay for some of the expenses involved with the search.

“What the funds are for is if we bring the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) experts up, we are for sure bringing the dogs up it is undecided if we are going to be doing GPR so now it is the dogs and the dogs have a minor fee but then mileage and lodging is what is going to be the main cost.

“Any volunteers from Please Bring Me Home have zero access to the funds. It is really for the experts that go to the search area.”

Please Bring Me Home was brought in as private investigators by Luke’s mother, Monique Durocher.

“I do endorse the fundraiser by Please Bring Me Home to search for my son. It was me who asked them for assistance,” said Monique Durocher on social media.

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