It’s been 27 years since cousins Shawn and Leslie Jones “took off” from Neyaashiinigmiing, an Indigenous community near here on Georgian Bay’s coast, and never returned.

Now Shawn’s mother is hoping a $10,000 reward posted anonymously for information about their fate will finally answer the question: What happened to them?

Lynette Jones met this week with Nick Oldrieve, who co-founded a volunteer-based group, Please Bring Me Home. Its goal is to help bring closure to families of missing loved with the help of tips from people who may wish to remain anonymous. They investigate cases themselves and pass along information for police, all while vowing not to compromise anyone’s anonymity who requests it.

With the reward offered, Lynette Jones said she feels hopeful she may learn their fate.

“This is the most action out of the 27 years my son has been missing,” she said. “When my son was missing it wasn’t public. There were no posters. I was going around like a crazy woman for five years and nobody helped me.