UPDATE # 2 – Police investigating possible abduction in Scarborough, Ontario



Initially, police were concerned that this may have been an abduction, however, further investigation has led them to believe it is not.

“What I can tell you is that there was a domestic occurrence … we are concerned about a female’s safety,” Sgt. Chris Hutchings told CityNews.

“If a female member [of your family] hasn’t returned home, call police.”



Police are investigating the possible abduction of a woman who was initially struck by a vehicle outside a Scarborough apartment building this morning.

Toronto Police Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook say witnesses saw the woman and a man arguing inside white SUV parked near McCowan Road and Blue Lagoon Court at around 2:30 a.m.

At some point, a dark-coloured sedan and silver smaller-model sedan pull into the parking lot and up to the first vehicle.

“After arguing in the vehicle, the woman is then seen standing in front of the dark sedan. That sedan then strikes her and she falls to the ground,” Douglas-Cook said.

According to police, three men then get out of the vehicles, picked the woman off the ground and placed her in the silver sedan.

Douglas-Cook said all three vehicles then pulled out of the parking lot and were last seen heading southbound on McCowan Road.

“Our units have been dispatched to hospitals across the city just to see if someone has showed up in the emergency room and unfortunately we haven’t had any luck in finding this person which is why we’re really relying on the public for their help with his one,” Douglas-Cook said.

Police are searching for five men described as black and in their early to mid-20s.

The woman is described as black with short hair. She was last seen wearing white shoes and white shorts.

Douglas-Cook said investigators currently have no reason to believe that the incident is pre-meditated.

“It’s too soon to say in terms of any concerns that we have for the public, but what we’re trying to do is trying to find answers so we can provide some sort of comfort to the public,” she said. “Hopefully this is just an isolated situation.”

A woman who lives nearby the parking lot where the incident happened told CTV News Toronto that she heard the commotion from inside her home.

“I heard a lot of arguing, there was a lot of shouting and it seemed like there were some guys and a woman’s voice,” the witness, who did not provide her name, said. “I opened the door to look and I saw a car. I didn’t see the woman at the time but I saw them getting in the car.”

The woman said the men “seemed a little panic-y.”

“Then the police showed up. I opened my door and there were police here. They were looking for evidence and stuff,” she said. “Then I found out that a woman had been hit and they were looking for her now.”

Anyone with new information about the investigation is being asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.

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