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LOCATED SAFE – Missing Teen in Outlook, Saskatchewan – Lauren Kraus-Van Dyck, 15

Sep 7, 2018
Located Persons

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Outlook RCMP say Lauren Kraus-Van Dyck, 15, has been found safe and sound in Saskatoon.




Police are asking for the public’s help in spreading the word about a missing teenage girl who was last seen in Outlook.

Outlook RCMP are looking for assistance in location 15-year old Lauren Kraus-Van Dyck of Saskatoon.  She was last seen in Outlook on the evening of September 4, 2018.  Police are concerned for her well-being.

If youhave information on the whereabouts of Lauren Kraus-Van Dyck, please contact Outlook RCMP or Saskatoon City Police, as it is believed she may be in Saskatoon.

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