Missing Man in Oshawa, Ontario – Cameron Bailie, 27

Jan 13, 2017
Missing in Ontario

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    Relatives of an Oshawa man are concerned for his well-being after his unexplained disappearance Tuesday.

    Cameron Bailie, 27, appears to have left his Oxford Street home suddenly about midday Jan. 10 and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He’s without his phone and bank card and doesn’t even seem to have taken a winter jacket with him, his sister, Nicole Gerrard, said Friday.

    “The whole situation is weird,” said Gerrard.

    Bailie has a young son and four siblings. It’s extremely unusual for him to go missing without a word, Gerrard said.

    “He would have contacted one of us,” said Gerrard, who shares the Oxford Street townhouse with Bailie. “I’m close with my brother,” she said.

    Gerrard said she saw her brother in the late morning on Tuesday, Jan. 10 and that her boyfriend dropped him off at the Oxford Street house between 11 and 11:30 a.m. that day. Gerrard returned home from work just before 5 p.m. to find the house empty but windows and a door open. Bailie’s workout gear was in the living room and his laptop was open and playing music, as if he’d just begun his routine, she said.

    Bailie’s phone and bank card were found at the house. “He doesn’t even have a winter coat on,” Gerrard said.

    Bailie also missed a planned visit with his young son Wednesday evening, another highly unusual development, she said.

    Family members reported Bailie’s disappearance to Durham police on the night of Jan. 11 and an officer came to the house, but since then the family has heard nothing from police, Gerrard said.

    Sgt. Bill Calder said a file on the incident has been opened. He said police planned to issue a media release seeking information on Bailie’s whereabouts Friday.

    He said all missing persons reports are referred to a detective.

    “Every one of them is reviewed,” Calder said.

    Anyone with information on Bailie’s whereabouts is asked to call police at 905-579-1520. Nicole Gerrard can be reached at 289-939-5266.


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