Video Post: Missing in Ontario – Elnaz Hajtamiri (Abducted Jan 12, 2022)


In this episode, our story is going to take us to Ontario for what can only be described as a living nightmare.

Something awful had been happening to 37 year old Elnaz Hajtamiri. Although she never confided in her family what exactly, it seems as though she was being hunted.

Over the span of several weeks, multiple tracking devices were found on her car, she was violently attack by two masked men, and then her the events of her last known moments. On the evening of Jan 12, three men dressed as police officers enter a home she had been staying at claiming to have a warrant for her arrest.

Elnaz was last seen being dragged by these men barefoot through the snow and into a white SUV.

Despite incredible efforts from Elnaz’s many loved ones. The questions of where she is, who took her, and why…. remain unanswered.

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