Suspect sketches released in Esterhazy/Stockholm, Saskatchewan homicide investigation

The Saskatchewan RCMP Major Crimes Unit has released sketches of three suspects in relation to a murder in the Stockholm/Esterhazy area.

The killing occurred at a rural home about 20 kilometres south of Stockholm and Esterhazy in the early morning hours of Feb. 10.

Police determined three men broke into the home, an RCMP news release explained.

One man was killed and a woman was injured and later taken to hospital.

Suspect One:

Screenshot 2023 02 15 at 06 55 39 RCMP releases sketches of suspects in Esterhazy area killing

The first suspect is a man believed to be in his 20’s, standing approximately six feet, two inches tall, weighing 180 to 200 pounds with a slender build.

Other details include:

Piercing/scar or absence of hair on left eyebrow.
May have a lower stomach tattoo.
Face was covered by a thin neck warmer/tube pulled up.
Wearing a black beanie-style head covering/hat.
Dark-coloured Carhartt/work-style jacket with a lighter-coloured “sherpa” style liner.

Suspect Two:

Screenshot 2023 02 15 at 06 56 29 RCMP releases sketches of suspects in Esterhazy area killing

The second suspect is believed to be oldest of the three men, standing approximately five feet eleven inches tall, weighing approximately 210 pounds. The suspect was described as:

Wearing a black balaclava covering his face.
The suspect had a sparsely-haired moustache visible.
The suspect had two tattoos.The first being a small pointed tattoo near the corner of left eye (possibly a teardrop or arrow) and a top of arched tattoo partially visible under facial covering near the top of the left cheekbone, under the left eye.

Suspect Three:

Screenshot 2023 02 15 at 06 57 09 RCMP releases sketches of suspects in Esterhazy area killing

The third and final suspect was a man who was described as shorter than suspects one and two, weighing 200 to 240 pounds. The suspect was wearing:

A black beanie-style head covering/hat.
A thin neck warmer/tube pulled up which covered his face;
And what is believed to have been a “Red Dragon Apparel” hoodie. There was a large “Red Dragon” logo on the front, no zipper.

Other Details:

RCMP determined that the suspects drove a vehicle to the scene of the murder and left in it. Police originally thought the suspects stole the homeowner’s vehicle and fled in it.

The homeowner’s vehicle was found, on fire, on a nearby grid road.

No details of the suspect vehicle are known by police. It is known that the suspect vehicle travelled east and west of the Highways #637 and Highway #9 following the killing.

Three long barrelled firearms, along with a “significant” amount of ammunition were also stolen from the victim’s home.

The specifics of the murder are still under investigation.

RCMP ask the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police immediately.

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