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Search for clues in disappearance of Luke Joly Durocher moves to Temiscaming



Rob Joly stood in the middle of Riodron Rue here Monday afternoon, watching police investigators bring in lights, cameras and other materials through the front door of a row housing unit.

“I hope they find something,” Joly told The Nugget reporter at the scene.

A white-sided unit, located at 225 Riodron Rue, was the latest location investigators focused their investigation in the disappearance of Luke Joly-Durocher.

Police investigators from Montreal, North Bay Police Service and Surete du Quebec were at the scene.

Police arrived at the home around 2 p.m. and left at 5 p.m. It’s unknown if they found anything or collected any forensic evidence.

Emails sent to North Bay Police weren’t returned by deadline.

According to North Bay police, the last confirmed sighting of Joly-Durocher occurred sometime after he was refused entry to a downtown bar March 4, 2011.

Joly-Durocher, from Temiscaming, was in North Bay visiting friends when he disappeared.

His jacket, cellphone and glasses were all found at a Sherbrooke Street apartment where he consumed alcohol with his friends.

Years later, police released new information that indicated Joly-Durocher attended Shooter’s Bar at the Voyager Inn on Delaware Avenue.

Police believe Joly-Durocher obtained a ride from at least one of the patrons.

Ellen White, owner and senior investigator of Pulse Private Investigations, said “it’s our feeling that the tips we’ve provided have been vital to bring them to this stage of the investigation.”

She said the latest location police are investigating didn’t come as a surprise to her.

“Our position, definitely not speaking for police, is that Luke’s disappearance is a foul play death and that was the information that was provided to us sometime back from our tipsters and that has formed the foundation of our case.”

White said “sadly we don’t believe Luke is with us any longer and I think it’s a matter of finding out exactly what happened to him and who might be responsible.”

She said tips are still coming in.

“An hour after the APTN broadcast, tips continued to come in. We continue to solicit tips and continue to talk to people in North Bay and in other areas who want to provide us with information about this case,” White said.

“We believe we know what happened and how it happened, but providing that information to police as much as we can is what will resolve this case. This case certainly has the potential to go in a legal direction, involving a criminal justice system. We want to make sure as much detail is provided from as many witnesses as possible.


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