It’s been five years since Shelley Desrochers vanished. The search continues



As the family of Shelley Desrochers marks the fifth anniversary of her disappearance, an organization trying to find her says it has information for the police, and several measures planned for 2021.

“We did get some interesting information in the past two weeks that we are forwarding to the London police service. We just want to try to validate it first,” Nick Oldrieve, executive director of Please Bring Me Home, said.

“The information that came in really suggested one individual responsible, so now we’re trying to verify where did this individual have access to Shelley at this time she went missing.”

Please Bring Me Home, an organization that tries to solve Canadian cold cases of missing people, also plans to create an online map by the end of January of where and when Desrochers was last seen, and where evidence has been collected, in an effort to prompt people’s memories.

“We’re going to be releasing it in the hopes that people may see that map, see where and when things were found and where she was seen, and maybe recognize or recall something,” Oldrieve said.

The organization also has plans to put up a billboard in the Hamilton Road area and conduct canine searches in 2021, he said.

Desrochers was last seen Jan. 2, 2016. She was 45 years old at the time.

The London mom and grandmother was known for a happy-go-lucky personality, but also struggled with addiction and PTSD, and sometimes worked in the sex trade.

Her sisters, Laura Desrochers and Tosha Simas, have spent years keeping the case in the public eye, and again this January will put up posters in the Hamilton Road area that Shelley frequented.

“You have to do something,” Laura Desrochers said. “Our goal is to find Shelley.”


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