Did Elnaz Hajtamiri know too much about stolen truck ring?

The whereabouts of Elnaz Hajtamiri and the motive for her kidnapping remain an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

Now, sources have told the Toronto Sun that her brutal and shocking Jan. 12, 2022 kidnapping from a home in Wasaga Beach may be linked to what she knew about a massive stolen vehicle ring.

“It’s not a domestic incident, that’s not what it’s about,” one source alleged. “It’s about stolen trucks being shipped to Africa and the Middle East by a criminal gang.”

The 37-year-old Iranian immigrant had been hiding out in the summer resort town just weeks after being brutally attacked in a Richmond Hill parking garage.

Then, in the dead of night, she was kidnapped by three men wearing police gear. There was no ransom and not a peep has been heard since that wintery night.

Two of the men accused of the attempted kidnapping and attempted murder in December — Harshdeep Binner, 23, and Riyasad Singh, 22 — are alleged to be up to their eyeballs in an Edmonton stolen truck ring.

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