Woman who believes she may be Madeleine McCann whisked to USA by detective after being terrified by death threats

Julia Wandelt revealed she believed she could be missing Maddie on social media around two weeks ago – claiming she had similar facial features, suffered an abusive childhood and questioned her parentage.

The case is now being investigated by California-based private detective and psychic medium Dr. Fia Johansson who said Julia felt “terrified” and “unsafe” after receiving threats and vile sexual messages from online haters.

Dr. Johansson flew to Poland last week where she revealed she had spoken to Julia’s doctors, school friends and Polish police about the case and believes there are a lot of “unanswered questions”.

However, as Julia continued to be barraged with threats – with one message even claiming there was a 30,000 euro bounty on her head – Dr. Johansson believed she was no longer safe in Poland and flew her back to the States at the weekend.

“Thanks for the extra protection I love you USA,” Dr. Johansson wrote on her Instagram page after landing at LAX airport. “Welcome to USA Julia – the land of love and dreams.”

In a video posted on Instagram at the airport, Julia said she felt like an “angel” or “celebrity” after landing in America.

“I’m excited thank you Fia,” she said.

She added: “Never give up and believe in yourself dreams will come true.”

Dr Johnasson told The Sun: “My number one priority has always been Julia’s safety.

“The haters have been attacking Julia since she came forward.

“The situation in Poland is she has nobody. Her family won’t talk to her.

“Julia has never said, ‘I am Madeleine McCann’. She has lots of questions about her past and she asked for help. We are open to all possibilities.

“Having spent time with Julia and investigating this I do not think she is lying or making things up for followers, everything she says appears to be real.

“She says she was abused as a child and we have found evidence in court that she was abused between 2011 and 2012.

“We have asked her family for a DNA test but her mother blocked her and they refused to even take our calls.

“We can’t get a court order to force them to because there is a law against it in Poland.

“We went to the police in Poland to report her concerns she may be Madeleine McCann but they said they do not have any investigations about any missing persons outside the country.

“The country where Maddie is missing from – Portugal – would have to force Poland to look at it.

“So the police cannot say whether she is Madeleine or not Madeleine.”

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