US NEWS – Quinton Simon: Police Start Week 5 Of Search For Missing GA Toddler

Chatham County Police began Monday another week of searching for Quinton Simon, a 20 months old toddler who went missing Oct. 5 from his home.

Authorities said earlier in the case they presumed Quinton to be dead and his remains to be in a landfill. Several members of the FBI and other experts have joined Chatham County during the last few weeks in searching the landfill.

“The photos and videos we’ve shared over the last four weeks show you what a massive – yet, painstaking – effort this has been for every single person involved. We have asked the teams on this search to endure the physical, mental and emotional burden of reporting to this landfill day after day – knowing that the chances of finding Quinton’s remains are low. And, we are proud of every member of the Chatham County Police Department, FBI, GBI, Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia Department of Natural Resources who has performed this duty with unmatched professionalism,” police said in a statement Monday.

There is no potential end date for the landfill search, police said.

Leilani Simon, Quinton’s mother, has been named as the prime suspect in connection with the case, police said.

No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made in the disappearance and death of Quinton, police said.

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