US News: Missing Georgia toddler Quinton Simon may have drowned in family pool, babysitter says

Quinton Simon’s babysitter exclusively told Fox News Digital that she found the boy and his toddler brother alone in the family’s pool over the summer — and now suspects that the missing boy drowned.

“I felt the whole time that this has happened that Quinton got out and maybe got into the pool,” Diana McCarta, 47, told Fox News Digital. “That’s my feelings all along because [Quinton’s brother] Zayne can open the door, and they’ve gone out before.”

The 20-month-old vanished from the family’s Savannah home Oct. 5, and police said they believe the child is dead and was likely discarded in a dumpster that was emptied at the local landfill.

Authorities have named the child’s mother, Leilani Simon, 22, as the prime suspect, and her other two children, 6-month-old Sky and 3-year-old Zayne, were placed in foster care.

McCarta, who had been watching Simon’s three children for about nine months before Quinton’s disappearance, said her 16-year-old daughter found Quinton and Zayne alone in the family’s full-size backyard pool over the summer. The children cannot swim.

“I go down there, and they was in the pool and we got them out — Leilani was sleeping,” she told Fox News Digital. “It was scary.”

After Quinton went missing, authorities drained the pool to look for the child.


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