The reason why Scotland Yard does not recognize the young Polish woman as Madeleine McCann

A Polish woman has created a Instagram account claiming to be Madeleine McCann and wants a DNA test performed. The London Metropolitan Police say “no”.

The case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is once again in the spotlight, after a 21-year-old Polish woman named Julia Wendell created an Instagram account a few days ago in which she claimed to be the British minor. “Help me, I need to talk with Kate and Gerry McCann” is the official name of the account, whose username is “iammadeleinemccan”.

There are around fifty posts in which the 21-year-old woman compares her physical features both with those of the little girl and with those of her parents. The shape of Madeleine’s eyes and smile, as well as other facial features of the minor’s parents, were published and compared by this woman, who asked the police authorities in her country and the United Kingdom to compare the DNA samples.

In statements made to the media ‘Daily Star’, she revealed what her childhood was like. “I have lived a very hard life and suffered a lot of trauma, my abuser was a German paedophile who was a suspect in the Madeleine McCann investigation,” she said. “I had not heard of this case until I started asking my parents questions about my childhood as I have little to no memory of it. The memories are all very blurry and when I have had conversations with my parents, things don’t seem to add up and they always try to change the subject.”

One of the most recent updates in the case was about the main suspect, the German Christian Brueckner, who denied any involvement in McCann’s disappearance. “The time that some of these crimes are supposed to have happened I was in prison. The prosecution are trying to trap me and hope that I will capitulate under the mental pressure. They hope that I will just say ‘yes’ to everything which will give me a chance to escape from this mental torture,” he wrote in a letter to the Mirror from prison. “Certainly there is no evidence at all. Of course not because I have not committed any of these crimes.”

Despite the statements by the young Polish woman, Scotland Yard – London Metropolitan Police – has assured that they have reasons not to believe this girl’s claims and therefore, not to perform any analysis of DNA samples. The British police officers believe that Madeleine McCann died the same day she disappeared. Furthermore, she would now be 19 years old if she were still alive, two years younger than the Polish woman claiming to be the child that went missing in the Portuguese Algarve.

Scotland Yard uses age-progression technology

The London Metropolitan Police argue that this is yet another person falsely claiming to be Madeleine. To corroborate this thesis, experts from the London police force used age-progression software to see if there is any resemblance. After the analysis was carried out, they explained that the young Polish woman does not look anything like Madeleine McCann.

They highlighted the numerous cases of girls who have claimed that they were the missing girl. The high number of testimonies of similar characteristics is a reason presented by Scotland Yard agents for refusing to check the DNA of the young woman who created the Instagram account days ago. The whereabouts and condition of the minor is still unknown after her disappearance 15 years ago but the case remains open.

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