Update: Located Safe – Saskatoon residents asked to search property as hunt of for missing woman, son continues

Update: Located Safe!


More than a week ago a Saskatoon mother and her son were reported missing, now a call is going out for property owners to look for anything out the ordinary.

Dawn Walker, 48, and her son Vincent Jansen were reported missing July 24. Her truck and some belongings were found the next morning at Chief Whitecap Park where she may have been fishing.

Since the discovery, police and volunteers have combed the park and the adjacent South Saskatchewan River for any sign of Walker or Jansen.

“A woman and her son, two beautiful spirits who have gone missing,” Okanese First Nation Chief Richard Stonechild in during a Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) news conference held at the Saskatoon Inn on Tuesday morning.

The First Nation — located roughly 120 kilometres northeast of Regina — is Walker and Jansen’s home community.

“If you can, please take some time to check your property. check your home (or) properties you may have in the rural areas, check your abandoned buildings for anything that’s out of the ordinary,” Stonechild said.

During the news conference, RCMP Staff Sgt. Greg Abbott provided an update on the search for the boy and his mother.

“It is heart-wrenching, to see what the family are going through day in and day out, in an extended search like this … the family are on scene every day,” Abbot said.

He said crews have searched the river from the park all the way downstream to the weir, with plans to begin searching further downstream.

“We’ve done a complete land search at the Chief Whitecap park of all of the area that we feel is pertinent to this investigation at this time,” Abbot said.

He said active air searches are underway further downstream.

“(Even though) we have covered the entire area from Chief Whitecap park to the weir does not mean to say that we can say 100 per cent that Dawn and Vincent are not there,” Abbott said.

“The river is a constantly changing medium, the channels are constantly changing. Historically, it’s been our experience that it is easy to miss, that’s the reality of it. We’ve done everything we possibly can to make sure we don’t miss anything,” Abbott said.

Walker is a longtime employee of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN).

The operations coordinator for the FSIN’s Indigenous search group Erica Bowden echoed Stonechild’s plea for property owners to look for anomalies such as recently disturbed soil.

“Time is ticking. It is now days that Dawn and Vinny are missing. We not only have a situation where an Indigenous woman is missing, but we have a situation where an Indigenous child is missing,” the FSIN’s search coordinator Erica Bowden said.

“This is incredibly serious as we don’t know what the situation is. Everything is on the table, as far as scenarios go.”

While the RCMP is spearheading the search for Walker and Jansen, Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) is conducting the missing persons investigation.

Speaking at the press conference, SPS Staff Sgt. Grant Obst said the scope of the investigation has grown as police work to locate the boy and his mother.

“I can tell you that this particular investigation I think we’re into week two already here and it’s gone beyond the missing person unit. There are a number of officers from other units that have come together to assist in an effort to try to get a lot of these moving parts taken care of sooner rather than later,” Obst said.

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron closed out the news conference by announcing that work is underway to offer a reward for information that helps locate Walker and Jansen.

“If Dawn and Vinny are not found in the next 48 hours, expect another announcement, a reward for those who are going to be responsible for locating (them),” Cameron said.

Bowden said the FSIN is working with police to offer the award to ensure it done appropriately to ensure the “best case outcome.”

However, she said no one with information concerning Walker and Jansen should wait to come forward.

“Every minute does make a difference,” she said.

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