Mum’s desperate plea to find son, 4, now missing for 12 days in Ukrainian war zone

Sasha has been missing now for 12 days as his desperate mum searches for him. She said he could be with refugees in any country and wants people to look for the little four year old

A mum has issued a desperate plea as her four-year-old son remains missing alone in Ukraine after his gran died as they tried to flee the warzone.

Little Sasha has now been missing alone in the middle of a war hit Ukraine for the last 12 days.

His desperate mother has today released three new photos of young Sasha Zdanovych in a bid to keep his name in the spotlight, as the hunt for him goes on.

Mum Anna Yakhno has said she has been contacted by people all over the world after she first raised concerns over her missing child.

She has asked border guards to keep an eye out for children leaving the country with other refugees and has had been sent images of Ukranian boys who look like her son.

But none of the sightings have turned out to be her precious little tot.

Anna believes her son maybe sheltering with others in a remote village, many of which have been cut off with no internet or way of communicating with the rest of the world.


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