Dylan Ehler’s father finds message in bottle during search for son

A Nova Scotia man who has searched for his missing son almost every day for nearly three years recently came across a letter in a bottle written by an 11-year-old boy about four decades ago.

Jason Ehler, of Truro, N.S., was searching for his son Dylan along Salmon River. While looking for clues of his whereabouts, Ehler unexpectedly stumbled upon a bottle.

“I decided to try to open it. I couldn’t open it so I broke the glass and it was a note,” said Ehler.

The letter read, “My name is Greg Brightman. I am 11 years old. Would you please send a letter back should you find it?” The note also included an address and a number.

Ehler made a post on social media that included a video of the letter and asked for any information on the person who wrote it.

Brightman, now 50 years old, was enjoying his weekend when he received a call from his wife about the post.

“My wife said people were looking for me,” said Brightman.

After hanging up, Brightman saw the video of the letter and could not believe it. “Complete shock. I knew it as soon as I saw it. I knew it was my writing. It was amazing.”


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