Dr Phil grills Polish woman claiming to be Maddie McCann over DNA test

Madeleine McCann went missing aged three in Portugal

Julia Wendell, the young Polish woman who believes that she could be Madeleine McCann, joined Dr Phil on Tuesday to discuss her claims that she is the missing British girl.

The 21-year-old Polish woman, who was taken to the US by her representative, Dr Fia Johansson after receiving death threats, sat down with the TV personality where they discussed several key similarities that led her to believe that she could be Maddie.

During the show, they discussed her defect in her iris, showing that the pair have the same markings, with Julia saying: “It’s a little faded now, but yes.” They also showed that the pair share the same dimple, with Dr Phil saying: “You look a lot like her from those ages.”

Julia also revealed that she thought she looked very much like Maddie as a teenager, with Dr Phil saying: “Alright, ok, so you think you look a lot like her at those ages and that you have an iris defect the same as she did,” as she continued: “Another thing is facial expression. When I laugh, my eyes close a little like on the lower picture on the row of the screen, the Madeleine picture. When I laugh, I have some picture from teenage age and [I have] the same expression.”

After Dr Phil asked her about her Polish parents, Julia revealed that her mother “refused” to share any information from her early childhood.

“She said [she gave birth to me] but she didn’t want to show me any proof… My mother, when I asked for DNA before this whole situation, and for photos from her pregnancy, she refused, she didn’t want to.”


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