Dawn Walker to return to Canada from U.S. to face abduction charge

A Saskatoon mother accused of illegally crossing the Canada-U.S border with her son and parental abduction is scheduled to return to Canada on Wednesday.

Dawn Walker and her seven-year-old son were found safe in Oregon on Aug. 5 after they were reported missing on July 24 in Saskatchewan.

In Canada, Walker faces charges of abduction in contravention of a custody order and public mischief.

In the U.S., Walker is charged with a felony offence related to “false statements” in the use of a passport identifying another person.

She is also charged with a misdemeanor offence related to possession of an identification document that is stolen or produced without lawful authority.

During a hearing in Portland, Ore., on Tuesday to discuss next steps in the case, Walker consented to waiving a formal extradition process, which can be considered lengthy.

Scott Kerin, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, told the court that returning Walker to Canada is in the best interest for both countries.

Walker will be released into the custody of Homeland Security who will transport her to the border to be released into the custody of Canadian law enforcement.

Kerin said the U.S. will watch the proceedings of the charges Walker faces in Canada and proceed with the U.S. charges as necessary.

Both the prosecutor and defence consented to Walker’s release back to Canada.

Walker is scheduled back in U.S. court on Sept. 7.

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