Chelsea Poorman posters pulled down in Vancouver neighbourhood where her remains were found

People around Vancouver have been seen tearing down posters pleading for information about Chelsea Poorman — a missing 24-year-old Indigenous woman who was found dead outside a vacant home in the Shaughnessy neighbourhood last month.

One Instagram video shows a couple ripping down signs during a rally and march Saturday in the neighbourhood Chelsea’s body was found.

The event was held over the weekend as Chelsea’s mother Sheila Poorman and others left unsatisfied with the investigation and push for answers about what happened to her.

“We’re only asking for help,” Sheila said. “So why should it really bother people for us to put up a poster? There’s no harm in it. I don’t see why people are bothered by it. It’s upsetting.”

She emphasizes the posters were made to bring attention and closure for family and community who’ve been left unhappy with how the Vancouver police declared the case non-suspicious.

Saz Lambert tells CityNews a pair of her friends confronted a couple and filmed them tearing away posters.

Lambert admits she felt she needed to walk away from the incident “because I was already feeling very emotional.”

“I just felt as though it wasn’t really my place to fight with these white people as an Indigenous person.

“My friends who are not Indigenous did stand up and speak to these people. And ask them why they were doing what they were doing? And try to educate them on what was happening. But it did not really seem like they cared. They cared a little bit much more about the poles that were apparently vandalizing,” she explained.


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