British man missing 31 years in B.C. declared presumed dead

More than 31 years after he went missing, Charles Horvath has been legally presumed dead.

The Royal Court of Justice Chancery Division in England granted the presumption of death application to his mother, Denise Horvath-Allan.

Charles Horvath, who was 20 at the time, had been vacationing in Canada during the spring of 1989, eventually landing in Kelowna in May of that year.

He had been staying at the Tiny Town Tent and RV Park on Lakeshore Road.

Horvath was last seen on May 26, 1989.

Horvath-Allan, who has made more than a dozen trips to Kelowna to search for answers to the whereabouts of her son, said the manager of Tiny Town told her on her first visit Charles had “gone out one day and never returned.”

At age 69, she made her final trip to Kelowna two years ago. At that time she said she knows someone has answers, and someone murdered her son.

“I know his remains are out there somewhere. I know there are people in Kelowna that know exactly what happened to my son, but are afraid to come forward,” she said at the time.

In a recent email stating the presumption of death application had been granted, Horvath-Allan stated, “Please end the Conspiracy of Silence and tell where Charles’ remains may be located.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sgt. Paul Gosling of the Kelowna Serious Crimes Unit at 250-762-3300.

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