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“We are not stopping our search until she comes home”: Madison Scott missing for 11 years

Scott’s disappearance from Vanderhoof may be the result of foul play, RCMP say

On May 28, 2022 it will be 11 long years since Madison Scott went missing from Hogsback Lake near Vanderhoof, but her family and friends haven’t given up hope.

“In my heart I believe she is still alive,” said her mom Dawn Scott. “I have a recurring image that she is still with us.”

Following a two-year hiatus due to pandemic restrictions, the annual On the Trail to Find Maddy Poker Ride will be held in person this year on May 28. The purpose of the event is to build awareness about Madison’s disappearance. Participants can walk, ATV or horseback.

“We are not stopping our search until she comes home,” said Madison’s long time friend Theresa Philips, who was not with Madison the night she went missing.

Madison was just 20 years old when she disappeared from a bush party at a Forest Service Campsite. Today she would be 31.

Her mom said the family is in touch with the North District RCMP’s Major Crime unit on a regular basis, and tips are still coming in.

“We appreciate people coming in with tips. However, without wanting to sound ungrateful, we would like people to know that when they have a tip, they should call the RCMP directly as it gets complicated when they call us first and want us to forward that information to the police. This third party information makes the RCMP’s job difficult,” Dawn said.

Philips said it’s “really frustrating” that some people believe that the RCMP is not on their side, that the RCMP are not really looking for her, or that they are not to be trusted.

“When someone contacts Dawn and Eldon at home, and they say they have information, and we tell them to go to the cops — they don’t want to go to the cops because they don’t trust them. They say they don’t want to get involved.”

Madison’s father Eldon said he has dealt with the RCMP for almost 11 years.

FULL STORY: https://www.surreynowleader.com/news/we-are-not-stopping-our-search-until-she-comes-home-madison-scott-missing-for-11-years/

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