Nationwide Indigenous alert system ‘is really dire and critically needed’

In 1999 Stephanie Harpe’s mother was murdered and Harpe’s life has been threatened, too.

She’s working to stop the historical patterns hurting people like her.

“I’m with the people, I capture their voice and I’m just trying to help as much as I can in these dire and critical situations,” said Harpe, who is an international advocate for murdered or missing and exploited Indigenous Peoples.

These situations continue.

The search for Frank Young is now in its third week and no Amber Alert was published when he went missing. Police only send them when they believe children are in imminent danger, they said.

Harpe says a new system would better protect and reflect what’s happening.

“This national alert system is really dire and critically needed because we are not treated the same in this country,” Harpe said. “We are highly targeted and don’t have the supports that we need.”


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