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The Disappearance of Chantelle Bushie – Missing from Grande Prairie, Alberta since 2009

Chantelle was 16 years old when she disappeared from Grande Prairie, Alberta on December 1st, 2007. She was reported missing by her family in September, 2009. Chantelle was known to lead a “high-risk lifestyle.” Chantelle is mother to one daughter who is being raised by her maternal grandmother.

Chantelle had a difficult childhood. Her older sibling was given up for adoption prior to her birth. Chantelle was sexually abused as a teenager. Her sister died in an accident where she fell under a wagon wheel at a community event when Chantelle was 11. Chantelle was present during the incident. Chantelle’s mother worked and went to school and at 14 Chantelle began cutting class and hanging out with the wrong crowd. She was known to hang out with drug dealers and trafficking victims but to RCMP’s knowledge engaged in neither activity herself.

Chantelle remains missing.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance or whereabouts of Chantelle Bushie, you are encouraged to contact the Grande Prairie RCMP at 780-830-5700.

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