Nearly a year since she was reported missing, Trina Hunt’s family waits for answers in her homicide case

This Tuesday, Jan. 18, will mark a year since Port Moody woman Trina Hunt was reported missing, sparking a massive community search. The case turned into a homicide investigation last May, and remains unsolved.

Hunt’s cousin-in-law and family spokesperson Stephanie Ibbott said the family needs answers to began the healing process.

“There’s no closure when something like this happens,” she said. “I don’t think that someone sentenced to life would even bring closure to us. It’s just about another year of learning to be without Trina, and wondering and waiting to find out what happened.”

The 48-year-old Hunt was last seen on security camera footage in the community on Jan. 14, and was reported missing on Jan. 18 of last year. Police said Hunt’s husband Iain reported coming home to find she was gone. The community rallied with a intense search effort, hoping to help find her.

“They truly gave us hope,” Ibbott said. “The gratitude that we feel towards everybody is just something that we’ll never be able to tell people how much it means to us.”

Then, last May, the case became a homicide investigation, with police confirming Hunt’s remains had been found near Hope just over a month earlier.

Last June, investigators executed search warrants at Hunt’s former home in Port Moody and the family home of her husband in Mission.

There have been no arrests, and no further updates.

“I think that with this year mark, we know that we need to be patient,” Ibbott said. “For us, if it means that the charges that will stick, and that there will be a conviction and the person or persons responsible will go to prison, then for us it’s worth the wait.”

Hunt’s family has worked to keep her case in the public eye, and are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and charges.

They also held a public event in November to raise awareness about violence against women while sharing Hunt’s story.

“You go through grief, and you go through trauma, and you need to channel it into something good,” Ibbott said. “Just to bring awareness, not just to Trina but to all women that are suffering from any kind of abuse, was really important.”

Over the past year, Hunt’s family has also shared memories of her online: from nature walks to birthday celebrations, each video and photo has revealed glimpses of the joy she brought to their lives.

“Trina walks into the room, and everybody is paying attention to her. It’s just the way that her personality was,” Ibbott said. “Just so dynamic and just full of love and full of life.”

Ibbott is asking anyone with information to come forward and speak with investigators.

“Stop covering up for people. Stop trying to hide this. Because if the people that did this to Trina were able to do this to Trina, then what’s going to stop them from doing this again?” she said. “There’s no loyalty. There’s no trust. Do the right thing and end the suffering. There’s a lot of people suffering because of what happened to Trina.”

Anyone with information about Hunt’s case can connect with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team through their information line at 1-877-551-4448, or via email at

Those who wish to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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