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The Disappearance Of Julie Surprenant – Mising From Terrebonne, Quebec since November 15, 1999

Julie Surprenant (born March 31, 1983) is a missing Canadian girl who disappeared in Terrebonne, Quebec on November 15, 1999.


Julie Surprenant was last seen getting off a bus near her home in Terrebonne, Quebec, north of Montreal on November 15, 1999. She was wearing a floral skirt, with a blue petticoat, navy blue socks over black tights, a blue scarf with a fish pattern, a green wool jacket and a dark brown leather coat. She was also carrying a black canvas backpack on which she had drawn a peace symbol.

Investigation and aftermath

At the time of Surprenant’s disappearance, the family’s neighbour, Richard Bouillon, was considered a prime suspect. Bouillon was a convicted sexual predator. In 2011 it was revealed that he had made a deathbed confession to two hospital employees in Laval in 2006, admitting that he had murdered Surprenant. He told a nurse that he had killed her, stuffed her body into a sports bag with some bricks, and thrown it into the Rivière des Mille Îles across the way from a church in Terrebonne. The coroner’s report, released in 2012, concluded that Bouillon likely raped and killed her. Bouillon was never charged as the authorities had insufficient evidence to do so. In 2014, Surpernant’s family and friends created a monument in her memory. Her remains have not been found.

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