Vigil, funeral planned in memory of Kaden Young

Kaden Young’s family is moving ahead with funeral plans as they wait for confirmation on whether his body was found in the Grand River on Saturday.

As of Monday evening, authorities had yet to conclusively identify the human remains found near Belwood as those of Young. The remains are believed to belong to a young child.

Young, 3, was last seen alive on Feb. 21. He was riding in a van that his mother was driving near their home in Waldemar.

The boy’s mother told police that their van became caught up in the fast-moving river and was carried into the water. She said she was able to pull her son out of the vehicle, but lost her grip on him as the water raged.

Young’s disappearance prompted a massive search of the 14-kilometre stretch of the river between Waldemar and Belwood, where a grate prevents large objects from passing through. Volunteers also searched as far downstream as Kitchener.

Although articles of clothing and other items were found, there was no sign of any person until Saturday, when a fisherman discovered what are believed to be Young’s remains.

A vigil for Young will take place at the Belwood Bridge, near where the remains were found, at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Young will be laid to rest May 5 at 11 a.m., at a funeral at the Compass Church in Mono.

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