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Emma Fillipoff – An unexplained disappearance from BC, Canada 2012

26 year old Emma Fillipoff vanished from Victoria, BC on Nov 28, 2012 under circumstances as mysterious as they are heartbreaking.

After several days of unusual behavior and many signs she was suffering a mental health crisis, She was last seen speaking to Victoria PD officers who were responding to a call from an acquaintance of Emma’s who reported her behavior to police after finding her barefoot and disoriented on a busy downtown intersection on a cold November night.

Want to learn the whole story?

Wikipedia entry – here

Night Time Podcast ongoing series covering Emma’s disappearance:

Part 1 – An introduction featuring Emma’s mom Shelley Fillipoff

Part 2 – Digging Deeper featuring Shelley Fillipoff and Tim and Lance of Missing Maura Murray

Part 3 – Julien’s Narrative featuring the often discussed person of interest Julien

Part 4 – Ellen featuring Emma’s childhood best friend Ellen

Part 5 – Mikaela featuring Emma’s first roommate in Victoria

Part 6 – Mika featuring Emma’s last roommate in Victoria

Part 7 – The Girl in the Photo covering the history of a photo once thought to be of Emma, taken two years after her disapperance

True Crime Garage covered the case in this two part series:

part 1part 2

CBC Fifth Estate ‘Finding Emma’ documentary – here

In depth timeline provided by HelpFindEmmaFillipoff.com- here

Help Find Emma Fillipoff Facebook page – here

From: https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/5su2z6/emma_fillipoff_an_unexplained_disappearance_from/

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